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Finding the Best Hose and Reel for Your Needs

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Garden hoses come in many styles, colors and sizes, and may include features such as kink-resistance, multi-ply construction, or microbial protection. They can range in price for as little as twenty dollars or as much as one hundred dollars. At the lower end of the price range, you find light duty hoses with limited warranties. As price increases, you’ll find hoses that are more durable and have additional features.

Hose diameters range from3/8-inch to3/4-inch. In the United States, most standard garden hose is 5/8-inch diameter. Half inch is common in Canada and other countries. Fittings are generally 5/8-inch regardless of the hose diameter. Hoses are often available in 50, 75 and 100-foot lengths. For large spaces, selecting the longest available length allows you to work with one hose rather than connecting multiple hoses. This cuts down on the chance of leaking.

There are several types of specialty hoses for unique tasks. You can select a drip irrigation hose that delivers a steady, slow stream of water to your garden through equally spaced holes that can penetrate deep into the soil around specific plants or shrubs. This type of hose can use up to 70% less water than manual watering and offer an efficient, effective means for garden watering.

A sprinkler hose offers the option of an inexpensive but efficient sprinkler system for your lawn. This type of hose includes small holes that the water pressure forces streams of water through to cover a wider area. Sprinkler hoses can also be used for deep soaking irrigation in your garden.

The best way to store and extend the life of your hose is to use one of many available hose reels. Use a wall mount reel type if you have a hefty and very heavy garden hose. The wall mount style is designed to be attached to a flat surface such as a sturdy wall in a building. It will handle the weight of largest garden hoses.

Portable garden hose reels can be used by gardeners and professional landscapers to water small or large residential and commercial areas. For example, the Estate Hose Wagon is equipped with wheels so you can cart around your garden hose to any area. This allows your hose to be hooked up to various water faucets if you have them around your yard. These types of hose reel carts are suitable for 3/8-inch, 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch garden hoses.

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