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Getting the most from your AMES® Lawn Buddy cart

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AMES® Lawn Buddy®

The AMES® Lawn Buddy® is a wonderfully versatile cart that will come in handy all around your yard. Thanks to its clever design, the Lawn Buddy can help you out with numerous tasks:

1. The Lawn Buddy’s generous bed can hold many different things, from potted plants to bags of mulch or fertilizer. You’ll be amazed at what you can haul around your yard in your Lawn Buddy.

2. The Lawn Buddy’s lid handles several jobs: 

a. Folded down, it covers the bed and protects whatever is in the bed from the elements.
b. Folded down, it also becomes a sturdy seat – saving you from having to kneel or sit on the ground when planting or weeding.
c. Lift the lid up and it’s a pull handle – making it easy for you to move your Lawn Buddy all around your yard.

3. The integrated tool clips are a handy way to move your rakes or other long-handled tools around the yard as well.

Insider Tip: Take your Lawn Buddy out of the yard. There are lots of other places you can use it – washing the car (hauls your detergent and sponges and makes a comfy seat when your hand washing the wheels) or cleaning out the garage.

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