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Building a Circular Garden Bed
Circular Garden beds are great for accenting your flag poles or other areas of your yard. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to learn how to add one to your property.
1)      To make the circle as precise as possible, use a tape measure to define the radius you want stemming from the flag pole. Once this is established, sprinkle some baking flour onto the area of grass that meets your radius measurement. Repeat this around the flag pole until you’ve formed a complete circle.
2)      Lay a disconnected water hose along the flour marks to form a circle.
3)      Using our Border Spade, position the blade along the outside edge of the water hose, grip the handle with both hands and step onto the Comfort Step to slice the ground about 2-4 inches deep. Repeat this the whole way around the water hose.
4)      After you have clearly sliced the edge of your circle, remove the sod. To remove the sod, stick the blade of the Border Spade back into one of your slices and begin to pull back on the spade while applying pressure on the Comfort Step so as to horizontally scrape just the surface of the sod. You should use a plowing motion, not a digging motion unless you need to dig a deep garden bed. To ease this step, you may need to stab the inner circle of the bed so as to create cuts that will allow slices to be removed. Think of this step as cutting a cake to create slices that can be served by sliding a serving spatula underneath each piece to remove them by lifting up.
5)      It is now time to level the ground. This step is best done with our Bow Rake. Use the tines to rake through the dirt and then use the reverse side of the head (the straight bar) to create an even level of ground. If needed, use a Cultivator to mix-in any needed soil amendments.
6)      Plant your flowers using a hand trowel to remove them from their containers. We also recommend using a Bedding Fork to spread your mulch.

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