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From time to time, we receive feedback about how great our tools and our service are.  It is our pleasure to share those with you...

Approximately 16 years ago my husband and I had a Deluxe Poly Wall Mount Hose Reel given to us as a "Farm Warming" present. What a great product you guys produced, so great in fact that we have purchased another one which will hopefully outlive us. So refreshing in this day and age to be able to thank an American Company for a great product that was built to last. - W.M.

Thanks to a company who cares more for its good name than for the “almighty” dollar. Our Ames Hose reel works fine and I thank you. – D.M.

We love our ReelEasy & were so disappointed when it began to fail us. What a surprise to find a company that not only had the parts we needed but offered to send them free of charge. It’s great that you stand behind your product! – A.C.

I will continue to purchase your product line whenever possible and I will tell my friends to do the same! – A.U. (Replacement hose reel cart parts)

I can’t believe the high level of service that I received. Your customer service & Parts departments worked to find what I needed and sent it free of charge. It was like talking to old friends! In today’s world, a company such as yours stands head & shoulders above the rest. – S. W. (replacement hose reel parts)

I just wanted to take the time to express my complete satisfaction in your products and your customer service policies. … Well Sir or Madam, this is the kind of company that a person wished (sp) to deal with, this is a kind of product that a customer is proud to shop for and own… I was so pleased with your company that I am currently bragging to my friends and relatives, tell them of your customer satisfaction policy. You can rest assure that ANY products I require that are made by Ames I will purchase them instead of any other brands. If it means going out of my way or traveling a greater distance, I will be sure it is an Ames product. – J.C. (replacement tube for hose reel)

… Your Hose King is the best I have found to purchase and the assembly is very easy. Thank you very much for manufacturing such a fine product and standing behind it. Also your garden tools are the best quality on the market. – F.N. (hose king poly wall mount)

You have my word that I will buy and promote your products and the great service you provide. My dad was a farmer and then a Landscaper and always bought True Temper products. I now understand why. – C.R. (replacement hoses)

I am impressed with your customer service. I tell many people about this and when I shop, Ames will be the brand I look for. – J.N. (replacement handle on hose reel)

I own a number of Ames products and have always found them to be of high quality and good value. – K. H. (replacement water system assembly for ReelEasy)

The Ames hose reels are the best we have found. We have on that was another brand and it just didn’t hold up. The Ames reels that we have are over ten years old and they still work very well. It is always nice to have and use a quality product – J.H.

Be assured that every time a need to purchase a product within YOUR family of products and brands, YOURS will be my first choice. I will also recommend your products to all my homebuyers. – F.S. (replacement parts for ReelEasy)

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